Hearing God's Call

What is a call to Religious life?

A call to Religious Life is characterized by:

-A sense in the heart of a woman that the Lord is pursuing her, calling her to belong completely to Him, to give her life in total service to Christ and His Church.

-a desire to live in community with those of the same mind and heart, with a particular charism, spirituality and mission in the world.

The woman responds to this call through the process of prayer and discernment, continually attuning her heart to the voice of the One who loved her first.


The Church in its wisdom gives time for a woman to explore and discern this call to religious life before making a lifetime commitment, through various stages of inquiry and formation.

If you would like to inquire about a possible vocation to the Queenship of Mary Community, or if you have any questions about the discernment process, please email qmcinquiries@gmail.com for more information.

To learn a bit about the Queenship of Mary Community history, charism, mission and daily life, watch the video below!